Sunday, March 30, 2008

Windows Vista Service Pack 1

So last night I reinstalled my laptop again and yes I seem to do this a lot now days and my wife has stared ragging me about it to, but like I stated a couple of posts ago I got new ram for my laptop.

This morning I install Vista Sp1 onto my laptop and wow so far all is running much better than it has been in the last couple of days, now that I'm back onto Vista Home Premium thing are bless again in the land of Q.

Over all the Service Pack seems to have helped with memory problem I was having, now windows sees the full 4 GB's of RAM not just 3070 the only thing I'm really missing now is the extra GPU shared memory that I have on my fist install of Vista Ultimate, on that install I had 3070 GB's of RAM and 1 GB RAM which was cool not that I know if it was better on not.

Since Thursday till now I have noticed a great improvement in performance on my laptop.

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