Sunday, November 30, 2008

Need For Speed Undercover

This past weekend I play and finished NFSUC, at first I was quite disappointed with the game as the game play and overall look and feel of the game wasn’t all that impressive. But once you start getting into the game and the story starts getting heated up all seems to come together.

In total it took me 3 days to finish the game which again is a little disappointing as there are so many other driving games like (Grid) that takes you a long time to complete.

The one item I do really like about this game is the impacted Damage which adds a realistic feel to the game, I do miss the night runs that you used to get in the Underground series. As a player of Need for speed now going on just over 10 years or so my loyalty is hanging in the wind.

My rating for Need for Speed Undercover is.

Game play : 6.7
Graphics : 7.9

Overall : 8.0

As I have read on other peoples site this does feel like a remake of Need for Speed Most Wanted the only difference is that you are a undercover cop that needs to take down the bad guys.


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