Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 Updated review


About 3 weeks ago I installed Windows 7 onto one of my work desktops for testing and to see how the new OS runs and so on. In this update I will be covering the following topics, Basic OS, Windows Media Center, Media Player 12, Internet Explorer 8, Other MS applications and 3rd party applications.

Basic OS1 
Over all the OS runs well using about 1.10 GB ram with the following running all day on the PC, Windows Media Center, FlashGet, LastFM, AVG Anti Virus. On the CPU side of things at idle it uses about 3 % of the CPU which is great. So far I am Very impressed with the new OS it should be a lot better than Vista and more stable, I’m currently running Vista on my Laptop so that I can compare the 2 OS’s.

Media Center1

As I stated I have been running Win 7 for about 3 weeks now and I Media Center have been running most of the time, which still uses a lot of ram in fact the process (ehshell.exe) uses 179.856 Kb’s of ram and of course Windows Media Player gets started up at the same time, which uses 43.144Kb’s of ram. But again the new Media Center is great to use and simple to setup even with a Xbox 360 on the network like at home were we have Windows 7 Beta running with a Xbox 360, it is great to use even for someone that doesn’t know IT or computers.

media player1
Now Playing windows 

media player2
Library View

MP 12 on the other hand I’m not that impressed with it’s very different to Version 11 and took some time to figure out and setup on both work PC and Media Center PC at home. MP12 does crash a lot on both PC’s, getting to now playing is a lot easier that before just one click away bottom right hand conner is the button. Creating a playlist is simple to do now witch you do in the Library view, the same goes for setting up you sync to the Xbox 360 all done here. That's about it for MP12.


First impression of IE 8 is impressive a vast improvement from 7 just the way the tabs are colour code, let say you open Google and from there you open a new tab to another site the tabs change colour which looks something like this.

This is still a beta and there are some bugs but nothing to serious the basic function of it is great and easy to use and setup, there isn’t much more i can say about Internet Explorer 8.

So that’s a rap of Windows 7 Beta Overall I’m very excited about this release of Windows, the whole way it works and the automated desktop which changes your wallpaper and the basic functionality of the OS is amazing.

Again nice one Microsoft.

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