Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fuckers

So this weekend we where broken onto and all our computers, laptops were stolen and our new Samsung 26” screen. it’s not the equipment that i’m sad about but the data that was on there, I’m so pissed off with the way people can just come into your house and take stuff from others it really fucked up.

I just wonder to my self how many other people this has happened to this weekend in our area, and how much did they lose, the thing that freaks me the most is  the fact the the guy or guys were in my dad’s room right next to his bed taking his laptop luckily for us know one was hurt or worse killed.

We will recover from this as we have in the past, but this time we have insurance which helps, my only concern is how much will we have to pay the insurance company to be able to replace our stuff.

This day and age it’s all about money and how much these company can squeeze out of us, but the fuckers will get away with it and make money for them selves, isn’t that a sign that there is something very wrong with these world and I do think it will get worse as time goes on not just in this country but the world.


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