Friday, April 25, 2008

Flat Tyre

So I had my first flat tyre this morning with the new car which is a TATA Indcar just by the way, getting the hubcap off was tricky but it came off after a big pull on it.

Getting the spare wheel out was simple to do and using the tools was easy enough for any body to use.

The only thing I wish that car manufactures would put in cars is a wash basin, as after changing a tyre your hands are always dirty and need to be washed, likely for me I was at work so i could wash my hands and get cleaned up.

Now on that point what happens to some that needs to change a tyre and there isn't a wash room near by and they driving a new car does the person just drive there new car with dirty hands?

Its crap, I think I need to invent something for the car boot to resolve this problem.

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