Monday, April 21, 2008

Our get away

Woke up Friday morning took Sinead to school gave her lots of kisses and hugs said goodbye to her she said that she would miss us and we said the same, we need to go to woollies to bye some food for the house so my dad and Sinead would be able to eat, and my dad would be able to have food for the weekend. We came home after shopping and packed our bags like our clothes and tooth brushes, we weren't able to pack to much as our is small and the boot isn't that big we left our house at 9:30 AM on Friday morning and started heading to Midrand to see my mom for a bit, we got to my mom Vanessa had some breakfast and left an half an hour later.

Now the journey really began for us, we got back onto the highway and headed in the direction of Pretoria, here are the detailed directions to the resort

Take the N1 Pietersburg highway (NB: DO NOT get off the highway before Zambezi - it will be an EXPENSIVE u-turn :)) R13.50
Take the Zambesi/Cullinan offramp
Turn right at the robot - pass one set of robots, before the second set of robots
Turn left onto the Kwa-Mhlanga R573 (Old Moloto) road - drive for 18,4km
Turn left onto the Wallmansthal road - drive a further 1,4km
Turn right at the MONATENG SAFARI LODGE sign (dirt road)

Oh the resorts name is Monateng Safari Lodge more about the resort shortly. 

So we arrived at the resort and went to the reception office to sign in and get the keys for our chalet, but we were told that the chalet wasn't ready for us as yet would we mind going up to the resort and waiting an half an hour till it is ready, for us this wasn't a problem as it would give us some time to see the place and have a drink at there bar. Ahhhhhh ICE COLD beer was so nice to have after the long drive.


As we sat there drinking our beers this is the landscape we got to see for the first time from out side of the bar.

A half an hour or so we went back down to the reception which is about a 5 minute drive away along a sandy road, to pick up the keys for our chalet by this time we now knew the name of the chalet called Jackal 1.

Here are some more picture's  of the resort.

Yes we could play chess and if we had brought Sinead with us she could of played on the jungle gym, but it's our get away.

So we got to our chalet we were in for a surprise big time nothing could have prepared us for the welcome we got, a gentlemen by the name of Jackie carried our bags from the car to the chalet and explained what all the chalet had for us like a Air con, TV, DSTV, fully catered kitchen with braai tools and pots and pans even a fridge and that's not all, 2 bathrooms one off the master bedroom and one by the second bed room this chalet could sleep 4 two 6 people with no problems.

The chalet had the following rooms Lounge, Dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a separate toilet and a parking garage for our car.

Here are some pictures of the chalet.


The inside of the chalet

Like I said before it was a little overwhelming arriving and have all of this at your finger tips, suppose it is a 5 star resort so it should be expected.

The day drew to an end as the sun started to set and now what a sunset it was.

Oh I almost forgot about Charlotte the spider, not that Vanessa really made friends with her, not to sure if it is a boy or a girl, but she was with us the hold weekend and kept the bugs under control.

This was a weekend not to forget and to remember for a very long time even to Death it self, love is is the most important factor in life. All other is martial in the global view.

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